Data shows that 2016 started well…

Data shows that 2016 started well for the food service industry, according to Foodservice Consultancy, Horizons…

Data recently released by Foodservice Consultancy Horizons, shows that 2016 has started well for the food service industry with sales worth £10.8 billion.

This has Q1 sales up by 2.3% on the same period last year. And Q2 sales are on track to remain high, with a predicted 2.1% increase bringing those sales worth £12.4 billion.

Not bad at a time when there is increased uncertainty in the UK. Not only with regards to the upcoming EU Referendum, but also with regards the National Minimum Wage which has been forecast to impact on consumers dining out.

And whilst average spend does appear to be down – around £14.07 per person – consumers are still eating out 2.04 times every fortnight, according to Horizon’s research.

Their Managing Director, Peter Backman, spoke out about how it’s a testament to the resourcefulness within the foodservice industry that sales are increasing:

“UK operators have already proved how versatile and adaptable they can be by embracing new food trends and keeping consumers dining out. The fact there was growth in Q1 demonstrates this resilience.”

Backman’s comment coincides with Horizon’s recent launch of The Foodservice Market – an annual report providing an overview of the entire sector. It covers many aspects, from the size, growth, definitions and considerations of each sector within Foodservice, to measuring sales, meals, outlets and purchases, as well as showing the long term trend of the Foodservice industry.

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